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Suzhou Firstall Electrical Machine & Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading Supplier of professional-quality power alternators/generators, Brushless Synchronous AC Alternator , ac generator ,as well as professional service on international trade. FIRSTALL markets its products and service its partner around the world from the office located in Suzhou and Wuxi city Jiangsu province, China.


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AC generators convert mechanical energy to electrical energy

AC generators convert mechanical energy to electrical energy. Nowadays we can convert chemical and solar energy to electrical energy without mechanics taking part, but without the means to convert mechanical energy to electrical energy, and the understanding and room for development that was gained from that discovery, it is doubtful we would have anything remotely as advanced as it is today.

They are used by basically every commerical power plant to convert the movement of hot, pressurised steam into electrical current. This occurs for coal-fired power plants as well as nuclear power plants. Hydro power plants use flowing water to turn a whell that spins a ac alternator. Even thermal solar plants work on the same principle. Once the energy makes it to your house, then you have appliances that use generators.

Your car uses a generator to recharge the battery when you are driving, this keeps the spark plugs firing and your lights on, as well as your A/C and radio. The applications are almost endless, you could write a book just on things that contain ac generator.